Bounce Rate in Digital Marketing

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Bounce Rate in the field of Digital Marketing refers to online traffic. The term bounce rate refers to the entry and exit ratio of online visitors to our website. It’s a statistical data representing the percentage of online visitors entering and exiting immediately from our website instead of staying or spending time on our website. The word bounce is applicable only if the visitor enters and leaves from the website instantly. 

According to the search engine algorithm, if a genuine visitor enters a quality website, they should spend some time and get engaged with the website. If the visitor exits from a website instantly after entering, search engines believe that either the visitor was not genuine or the website content is not relevant. In both the scenarios, if the quality of a website poor and potential visitor lacks, the bounce rate increases.

Reasons for high Bounce Rate:

  1. Poor website quality: If the website is not user-friendly and not easily accessible to the user. If the website loading time is more. Outdated website design. Lack of quality images and videos. Lack of security and certificates. 

  2. Irrelevant content: The content is incomplete and not informative. The content is not representing the image or video presented on the website.

  3. Broken URLs: The URL link of a webpage is unable to access by the user. No proper internal links and poor internal navigations.

  4. Non-potential visitor: Either the visitor has entered the website by mistake or, he found that this website is not relevant.

  5. Wrong hyperlink: Hyperlink is redirecting to the wrong webpage.

How Check SEO helps to decrease the bounce rate:

Check SEO is one of the On-Page SEO Score checking tool. Check SEO has a brilliant algorithm to analyze your website and give the result. Check SEO’s unique algorithm will analyze the website irrespectively. It is not specific to a single search engine. It provides results genuinely based on all the search engines.

Enter your website URL in Check Seo to know your On-Page SEO Score. You can also find the details of your On-Page elements. You can increase your score by updating the website based on Check SEO report. You can find the term called Broken Links in General category of Check SEO results page. It shows the number of broken links available for your website. If the number of broken links are more, obviously there are high chances of increase in bounce rate.

Speed and security category from Check SEO results page gives the complete information about your On-Page SEO, which may impact on your bounce rate. There are various elements from speed and security category like load time, file size, flash test, URL redirect, canonicalization, https test, etc.