Website Loading Time

In the website page speed is an essential factor in On-Page SEO, for the improvement in the page speed we need to upgrade web pages like optimizing images, reduce redirect URL’s on the website, CSS, reduce server response time, hosting services. The minimum time to open a website is 2 seconds to 5 seconds.


NOW search in Google, then click Check SEO website, A home page with a search bar will appear in your screen


Now enter your website URL in the search box then click Check SEO! For the review of your website, our tool will provide a complete report with the SEO score on the page on your screen


Page speed of an website plays an prominent role in user experience, it is an important factor in the on page and also effects in page rankings. According to the Google the speed of the website time is 2 to 5 seconds as below 2 seconds can have lesser bounce rates