In the On-Page SEO for getting a boost to the website, blogs play a prominent role, it also helps the website to get top in all search engines. High-quality content with relevant title tags helps to improve the traffic for the website and improve the user experience and nearly 300-600 words of the content are needed to rank at the top in SEO


If you are looking for the score of your On-Page SEO, choose for check SEO tool in the website, after entering into the website a search bar will be displayed on the screen. Get enter your domain URL in the search box


A page with score will be displayed on your screen after reviewing the URL, the score denotes the rank of your on-page site


In your website blog post will be helpful for the growth in search results, a minimum length of the content is 300+ words it is considered as ‘thin content’. Our check SEO tool helps you to find your blog posts on your website if your website doesn’t contain any blogs the report will be displayed in the above image


If you are posting blogs in your website you re willing to improve your search results, minimum words of the content should be above 300 to 600 words, as per the user experience the visitor of your blog have short attention they need short and sweet contents with a simple and comfortable way