Image With No Alt Tags

Alt tags are an HTML code written for the images, Google bots can’t understand the image talking about these alt tags helps to crawl the images for page rankings.


Enter into the website a page with a search bar will appear on the screen with a review button on the side. Now enter your URL in the search box click for review


A score page will appear on the screen, on-page site score helps to improve your search results


Without alt tag for images on the website, Google bots can not understand what the image represents about, through the image alt is an Important factor in the SEO standards. In the website images with no alt tag can be displayed in our tool in the given image below


Images play a vital role in the user experience, a visitor can easily understand about the website or blog talking about. It helps the Google to understand image for indexing the site and the Image alt tags not only helpful for the search engines to crawl it also plays a role in the website readers and by applying alt tags for the images of product-based business can have a positive growth