Https Test

Http and Https is a protocol used by www ( world wide web) used to send or receive data entered by the user in the search engines. were as Https is an secure it uses of SSL certificate to encrypt the data while browsing HTTP is not secure, In some of the website the URL starts from HTTP:// for other, some websites start from https:// as a result https:// protocol is better than HTTP:// for encrypting the data


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HTTP refers Hypertext Transfer Protocol used to present the information, in the normal Http encryption will be insecure may attack by the hackers. In the website without SSL, the image of the report will be displayed given below


In the HTTPS:// the secure connection for the website and provide maximum security for the data while transferring on the internet. As any data sharing requires credentials like email, logins, bank account details need to use the https:// protocol for the secure transfer of data. As the SSL (secure socket layer) is an internet security protocol certified is provided for the HTTPS:// for the safe browsing on the internet today.