CSS Validations

CSS (Cascading style sheets) is a language for presenting websites with different styles, fonts, colors, layouts for the outlook of the website for more unique and attractive. CSS code is an SEO factor plays a vital role in page speed optimization, we can add effects for the images to look attractive for the user interference


Get into the website www.checkseo.in for the on-page optimization, get enter your domain URL in the search box appear in the home page click on review button check SEO! for reviewing your on-page site


A report with SEO score will be displayed on the screen


With the CSS web designers, bloggers, developers make your website unique and more attractive, it plays a role in finishing your website with various colors, fonts, layouts, for web page and it signifies the skin of the website. This code is not a part of SEO it affects the page speed optimization in the SEO. errors in the CSS can affect the On-Page site of the website as the image given above


CSS represents the style of the website with unlimited fonts and layouts the main benefits of the CSS is to maintain the website easily with great flexibility and the code can be easily updated This language is short and easy with more designs to save a lot of time for the developers, without any errors in the website the image given above