In On-Page SEO Google represents nearly 200 factors for the website, in this some factors doesn’t get any page rankings but they play a prominent role in the website. for every business, a particular logo is used for branding and these logo icons are used as favicons also called ‘shortcut icons’ These are small size images viewed on browser tabs, bookmarks, and history of your search


In the Google search enter, www.checkseo.in a page will appear on the screen with search bar as well a review button for getting the report of your website on-page SEO


A page will appear on the screen with a score under the search bar after the page is reviewed


Through the Favicon will not get any improvement in search results but Google considered a factor in on-page SEO, mostly Favicon is used for branding and help the visitor to remember your site on numerous websites. It helps the user to identify your website from your bookmarked list


Favicon is a graphical image in 16*16 pixel small icons viewed next to the page titles in your search results, it is the way to brand your website and helps the user to identify your website. therefore it helps the user experience helps to improve your website traffic