Meta Keywords

Meta keywords are a type of meta tags in the HTML code, There are different kinds of keyword research in the SEO. In most of the user doesn’t have an idea of the URL (or) name of the website in such cases a relevant keyword of the topic can be searched in the search engines. Every search engines work on keywords with there structures and the keywords play a vital role in the search results


Check SEO an web analytic tool for the knowing the strengths and weakness of the website with all SEO factors, in the home page of the website an search bar will appear to enter your URL and check for review of your website


The score of the website effects on the search engine page rankings


Keywords play a prominent role in the website can easily help to search by the visitor about the relevant topic in the SEO. In the organic search website may go up in SERP’s or it may go down depending on the targeted keywords


For every website owner wants to be at the top of the SERP’s, in the competitive world everyone needs there business growth. Thus the keyword plays a role in getting top in all search engines, according to the Google keyword stuffing may also affect the page rankings. The check SEO tool helps to find keywords in your website as given in the above image