Canonical Tags

A canonical tag is an important part of On-Page SEO, this tag informs Google that similar content on the same website while crawling all the web pages, it is a simple way to avoid duplicate content in the website. this duplicate content affects the ranking in search results and this may cause on improving the traffic of the website


Get enter your domain name or URL in the search bar for the review of the On-Page SEO in check SEO tool, this tool is built with all SEO standards can provide you strengths and weakness of the website


After reviewing your website a score with the report will be displayed on your screen, this score helps you to improve your On-page site


In your website you don’t have any similar content with the same URL you fare better way to improve your On-Page site, it doesn’t affect any rankings if you don’t use any canonical tags in your website as the report is given above image


The similar content with the same URL may take place in some of the websites like online stores, E-commerce sites in this situation the product introduction should be given in the different places of the website. the canonical tag helps Google while crawling and helps no duplicate content on the website. as the canonical tag details are given in the report as In the above image