No Index

No index is a tag written in HTML source code in Robot.txt file, On the website, some of the web pages are built with some purpose but there is no need to index these web pages for search results. But too many no index tags in your website can hurt the search rankings in Google and all other search engines


Enter into website a home page with search bar will appear on the home screen, enter your URL for reviewing your website


A score will appear on the screen after reviewing your website on-Page site


An no index tag will be written in robot.txt file in HTML code, the pages which are not required for indexing for search rankings. In your website any of your web pages have no index file can be seen in check SEO report as the image given below


In your website, any of the web pages have content related to your website but no need to place any rankings in all search engines or no need to index your web page then no index will be a part of it. Enter an HTML code with a URL page in the robot.txt file with no index code. If your website has any of the no index file the report will be given by the tool as given below