A responsive website in another word is called Eco-friendly website, the website which is built by the designer with good response for the user experience. The size of the elements, design, layout, style sheets that can support in all devices . in simple ways the website scales its styles and contents automatically as the visitor screen size without adjusting the screen


Get into the home page of the website a search bar will appear on the screen, enter your domain URL into the box and click for review button check SEO! for the score of on-page site


In an on-page SEO for the page rankings, all the SEO factors are taken into consideration and providing a score for the website


If your website is not mobile-friendly the visitor of the website will be no longer on your website it may affect the traffic and high chances to lose rank in all search engines. If you are trying to know your website is eco-friendly the report of our tool will be displayed as the above image given


If a website is an mobile-friendly (or) responsive website the visitor of your domain will be interested to stay for a long time, it maybe helps full for increasing the traffic leads to place top in all search engines. If your website is responsive the report will be displayed in the given image below