Report Overview

In Check SEO after review of your website the complete data along with individual pages are viewed in Project Reports. It helps the user to compare the update of your On-page SEO with the previous score and the latest score of the website, the improvement of your website score can lead to increase your search rankings in all search engines helps to improve your website traffic


For getting the report page after login into your account, click at the welcome button a slider will be displayed on the page of your screen. Point your cursor then click on reports as the image shown

SEO Projects

The report page with a table will be displayed on your screen, the table with the project name as well score, and the number of pages reviewed by the user all the detailed information will be displayed on your screen. As the image has shown

Number of Pages

In the table as the number of pages will be discussing the total count of the review pages of your website as the image shown below

Project Pages

After review all the individual URL’s in your website, the data of all the pages with domain URL will be displayed along with a score of your On-Page SEO as the image shown

Page History

An URL will be displayed with page score of your website, by clicking on the URL of your website a review page with complete data of your On-page SEO will be displayed with all require SEO factors. It helps the user to compare the previous score as well the latest score of your website

Page Property Details

By clicking on the website URL a review page with all SEO properties will be displayed, in other words, the reviewed page of your website can be viewed with complete data of your website with all SEO standards.

Download Reports

We are providing you to save your On-Page SEO report within comfortable formats like MS word, MS Excel, PowerPoint, PDF Format, Data Feed. As the image has shown