Canonicalization is a process of combining two different web pages with the same content with different URLs. Duplicate content is a severe issue can affect the website search rankings in all search engines, this canonicalization helps the website to attach a source code between two URL’s informing the Google the pages are related to each other while crawling the website for indexing


Click for in Google a page will appear on the screen, a search bar with a review button will be displayed on the screen. Enter your domain URL for the complete report of your On-Page SEO


Score with the report will be displayed on your screen, for the better improvement in your website complete data will be given in our tool


On the website if you have no issues of duplicate content or the same content is placed in two different URL’s the Google can crawl and you can easily get indexed in the search results. If you are not using canonicalization in the website the report will be displayed as the image given below


Canonicalization is used when the same website content is represented in two different URL’s then the tag is used. This tag informs Google that there is no duplicate content on the website. if you are using the canonicalization the report will be displayed as the given image below