Flash Test

Flash is used for slide shows to attract the multimedia contents, it is a way to attract our domain visitors for improving the traffic, but these flash elements are not able to crawl by the search engines and these elements are not mobile-friendly and not search engine friendly. The major issues of the flash are slow page loading time, no user experience, poor on-page SEO and many other issues by the using of flash for the website


Click for www.checkseo.in in Google a page will appear on the screen, a search bar with a review button will be displayed on the screen. Enter your domain URL for the complete report of your On-Page SEO


Score with the report will be displayed on your screen, for the better improvement in your website complete data will be given in our tool


If your building your website with great user experience and low time loading pages with a mobile-friendly website then don’t choose for flash in your web pages HTML source code. It mainly affects the user experience of the website. if you are not using any flash in your website the image will be shown in the image below