Check SEO an On-Page SEO tool is a resource of increasing search rankings of your website as per SEO standards, The tool will analyze your website data from Title tags, Meta tags, keywords, provides a complete report about the On-Page Strength and weakness in all search engines.

Add Project

A page will be displayed on your screen after getting registered in app.checkseo.in, Enter your URL in add bar and click on Add Project for adding your website into the check SEO tool.

Successfully Add in Project

In the above image after successfully adding your project into check SEO, a table will be displayed on your screen for reviewing your website an image will be given in step3

Check on page seo

For getting a complete review of your website with all SEO standards Click on Check On-Page SEO for reviewing your website, a page will be displayed with a search bar on your screen

Website Review

A search bar with review button (Check SEO!) will appear on your screen, enter URL of your Domain in the search box for getting a complete report of your website

Checkseo Report

Complete report with SEO score will be displayed with all SEO standards, Our tool will provide all strengths and weakness of your On-Page SEO. For gaining more traffic in all search engines choose for Check SEO tool


For getting to know your added projects in check SEO app click on Welcome a slider box will be displayed then choose for projects, a table will appear on your screen as the image shown


In the table, if you are looking for previous review URL pages click on reports a table with URL’s of your domain will be displayed on your screen

Sitemap Report

For getting information about sitemap count in your website click on sitemap reports, a table with sitemap based URL’s along with score will be displayed on your screen for the detail learning of the XML sitemap complete information is on xml sitemap

Duplicate Metadata

Duplicate data itself an effect on the SEO, in our tool you are getting information about the duplicate meta details of your website by clicking on duplicate meta details button as the image shown. For more detailed information about duplicate metadata click on Duplicate Metadata


An action button is used in unique ways of your added project if the URL of your domain is added wrong we have an option of re-correcting the domain URL, We can also delete the project or we can activate and deactivate for further reviewing of your website