Broken Links

A webpage that can’t be found by the user is known as a broken link. In an On-Page SEO broken links (or) 404 error page will be affecting your Google search results, It may not impact the overall website but It may cause user experience.


NOW search in Google, then click Check SEO website, A home page with a search bar will appear in your screen


Now enter your website URL in the search box then click Check SEO! For the review of your website, our tool will provide a complete report with the SEO score on the page on your screen


The higher score of your website will be higher rankings in all search engines


Check SEO tool will be given you details of your on-page site with all SEO standards scroll the page you can find the Broken links box if you have any 404 error pages on the website you will be getting an information number of broken links in your website. Get fix your on-page site with check SEO tool