IP Canonicalization

IP canonicalization is an SEO factor, the IP address of the website is linked to the domain name of the website if a user enters the IP of the website should be redirected domain URL. While crawling search engine will index the content of both the domain URL and the IP address of the website. if any content is the same in two different URLs in the web pages then the crawlers decided it has duplicate content. IP canonicalization plays a vital role in search rankings


Enter into the website checkseo.in a page with a search bar will appear on the screen with a review button on the side. Now enter your URL in the search box click for review


A score page will appear on the screen, on-page site score helps to improve your search results


In the website search engine crawls the data for indexing your website, in these IP addresses, is also a factor to crawl while crawling the website. if the URL and the IP address of the website are not canonicalized the search engines may be declared as duplicate content for one of the web pages. If the website is not canonicalized by the IP address the report will be displayed as an image given below


If your website is canonicalized search engine crawlers do not detect any duplicate content on the website. IP canonicalization means linking your IP address to your domain names while crawling the search engines can understand the content of the website. if your website has IP canonicalization the report will be displayed as the image given below