Work from Home makes easy for SEO Manager from Check SEO Tool

Managing a team of SEO experts is not an easy task, whether it’s an in-house or an agency. Tracking plus measuring results is a decisive part of any SEO campaign. While amid COVID-19 every employee is working from home, it is highly essential to track work of employees. SEO managers need to make sure that their employee’s work provides finest results. And how an automated tool have occupied their workspace and made business easy for an employer and employee.   


How Check SEO make it easy

This is where CheckSEO tool  tool enters. Check SEO tool is the best tool that helps SEO Managers to track the report or work of their team members easily. It does not require any manual verification.

Check SEO is a specialized On Page SEO reporting Tool that is excellent for accurately measuring the performance of team members and is a must in the armory of an Account Manager. It makes sure that every team member is working competently by tracking the total performance on each project and dramatically lessens unwanted time consumption by tracking and managing priorities and facilitating team collaboration.


  1. This app can be used to supervise personal day-to-day tasks. It keeps teams structured and sets a schedule for your everyday tasks.
  2. It helps the whole team to stay focused on work by letting you store and regain work details at any point in time. You can also assign and track liabilities of each team member. Real time response can also be obtained from the participants and appropriate data can be maintained for analysis at a later stage.

Check SEO is On Page SEO tool that assists you to boost the score of website as per SEO standards; the tool will scrutinize your web pages data Title tags, Meta tags, keywords, provides an absolute report. It provides report about the On-Page Strength as well as weakness and helps you to recover search rankings in all search engines.

As we all know On-page plays an obvious role in augment the traffic and assists you to boost On-page score of your website. Check SEO tool offering you total report with all SEO standards, as well the tool is offering your sitemap records along with duplicate meta details of your website that can progress your On-page SEO. Check SEO tool have built-in diagnostics that can be precious on a global scale to identify site-wide issues. This tool uncovers macro and micro issues with pages, templates, as well as infrastructure.

How Check SEO report helps you to rank your web site.

Check SEO an On-Page SEO tool helps to improve website search results in Google, Bing, as well as other search engines, our tool will monitor your website with obligatory standards for On-Page score.

SEO reporting can go into the most horrible scenario if you don’t clarify the data to your clients. Since this can lead to the client making his assumptions as well as reaching the conclusion. Through this, all your efforts can go into waste so it’s significant to elucidate your data well as well as make sense out of it. SEO reporting plays a very vital role in realizing the current position of your site as well as make major improvements to augment the site ranking.


Initially when work from started each and every one of us got worried of how to deal with the work and how to assign the work for the employees and how to track the work assigned to them.

At that particular time automated tools came into the picture and made the work of the managers easy just by making the employees to update their daily work in the automated tool in order to tracking them easily and can generate the report of employees based on daily, weekly and monthly bases. And for that CheckSEO makes you work easy and simple just by a single click.