With the Check SEO tool, you can get more visitors from different search Engines.

Actually why do we optimize your website? Because to gain or increase the traffic rate of our website and for that generally we need to invest a lot of your time and efforts and we may also hire an SEO expert for doing these things. And after struggling a lot we still have the visitor from only one search engine and not from other search engines but most of the experts will say that the most the searching operation are done in Google rather than other search engine but the fact is that there are few user who perform search operations in other search engine like edge, fire fox, internet explorer, bing and yahoo.

So we need to consider those visitors and make them to click our website by which there will be a lot of traffic to your website and this will be a great achievement to you. So in order to get more and more traffic to your website from various search engine then fellow this article and know how CheckSEO tool made it easy for you to gain it.



Promoting a business these days website is needed. To top the website globally, SEO optimization is done within the site. Where Google bots crawl and index the site to rank in search results.

Many of them think Search Engine optimization comes under one category, but this is into two variety branches called Off Page and on Page.

And you may also think that we need to target only one search engine instead of other various search engines but it is false you need to consecrate on this user also and need to make them to click your website so that we can generate more traffic from various search engine and make your website to be rank high in all the search engines.

We understand how important is to know the importance of On-Page rather than Off-Page.

What is on page and off page SEO?

On page SEO

On page factors consist of better Content, Relevant keywords, Images, appropriate title tags, and more. On Page SEO helps to improve your website search results in Google,

 Bing, and other search engines, for every business or website owner wishes to be at the top of search results.

The easiest way to improve is On Page SEO, it plays a prominent role in search rankings as we all know Google considers SEO standards for the improvement of search results.

In On Page SEO content is always a legend, if you are trying to improve your website organic search results you need to improve your On Page strategies for the online presence rather than off page SEO.

Off page SEO

Off Page is a set of activities done outside of the website to build back links. SEO professionals have an agenda to create quality and relevant back links to the site. The activities include forum sites, questions, and answers, blog commenting, classified submissions, web2.0 sites. Etc..,

Google considers nearly many factors before ranking the site, quality back links of the site becomes important while ranking. The two types of links involve in back links are Do follow links and No follow links.

How CheckSEO tool helps you optimize your on page?

Rather many of the people just think Off site is enough to get top in search results, but the main category is On Page SEO. Google bots (crawlers) enter into the site for indexing, at first; it considers On Page factors like Meta tags, Alt tags, XML sitemap. Robot.txt, etc..,

There are many of the tools that help you to find out On site errors. Some are free and paid versions tools.

I will share with you one of the best tools for optimizing your website. Yes, the Check SEO tool one of the best on page tools to optimize your website. It is not only an On Page tool; this is a total website optimization tool with a complete site checkup for your website in one review. This tool consists of all On Page factors with XML sitemap data.

Mean while, after reviewing your website a complete report of On Page factors with an on page score will be displayed. Along with this, you can view the duplicate Meta details and broken links count of your site.

Let us discuss why to use the check SEO Tool instead of other tools.

WWhat are highlights of CheckSEO tool?

Get the complete review of your website On Page within one click by Check SEO tool.

  • Provides a genuine report of your website with On Page factors.
  • Analyzing the website is prepared with a sum of 34 on page factors consists of Meta tags, keywords, XML sitemap details, Robot.txt, Alt tags, Images, Site speed, social monitoring, etc..,
  • Check SEO tool provides word count of each web page within one review of your site.
  • Know Social Media links on your site.
  • Identify duplicates Meta details of your site.
  • Generate sitemap reports.

Check SEO is not only an On Page tool, it is a complete website review tool that helps you to find the errors of your site and get updated to rank top in search rankings. All we know about the website building is to generate back links to rank higher in search results, but the main factor is to improve On Page SEO to increase ranking and traffic of the website.


As a blogger you will target various types of user to visit to your website and make a high traffic that to only from a single search engine. So why can’t you target other search engines and make an high traffic your website and have high clicks to your website so you gain more traffic and hold your rank and position in the competition.

 This is can be possible by CheckSEO tool so signup for free and make your website to be high in the search operation with less effort and time.