Why content is important for on page SEO

Web content means textual and visual content published on the website, it is a creative element of text appearance, images, data, audio, video files, and so on. Webpage content is key for gaining traffic to the website, it is important to optimize the web page content to the search engines so that it responds to the keywords used in searching. The basic two types of content on the website are Text and info graphic content. Quality content along with unique keywords can help to improve your rankings. As text included we can provide internal links that can help readers for more information.



Content marketing plays a very crucial role in digital marketing sphere. Content of a website determines which keywords the pages on your website will rank for in the search engine. Unique and pertinent content with appropriate use of keyword will rank higher than any other standard content that does not satisfy user’s intent.

And when it comes to SEO, content is like the foundation of the newly constructed building. With evolution of Google Algorithm, unique content is very much essential for search engine optimization.

Content should be prepared to comply with the guidelines provided by Google Algorithms. The backend process runs between the search keyword and picking up the websites by the crawlers depends on the content of a webpage.

Once the search keyword given in the Google search bar, Google crawler starts crawling through all the websites to find the webpage containing that particular keyword. Google crawler crawls through the web pages to find the keywords based on its algorithm and list out in the search engine results page. On page content should be prepared in such a way so that crawlers should be able to find our webpage best to list it on the results page.

Now On Page SEO techniques come into the picture, so that how our listed webpage should rank better and move to the top position in the results page. Preparing proper content helps crawlers to pick the webpage, crawlers will not help to list our website on top and make it visible to the user. Crawlers will identify the webpage containing the keyword, it’s the task of a search engine algorithm’s to list it on top or not. To bring our webpage on top of the search engine results page, various SEO techniques to be followed. An on page SEO technique is one among them, which helps to list our webpage on top and increase online traffic naturally.

Myth and Reality regarding content optimization


Some of the basic SEO Features to concentrate while preparing the content are as follows, Title Tag, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Header Tags, Keyword Density, Plagiarism, Images, Alt Tags, Internal Links, etc.

Preparing the content of a webpage involving all the above elements and following search engine algorithm guidelines will help our webpage to rank better. Once after achieving our target to get the webpage on top of the search engine results page, we can expect a few hits and leads to more online traffic.


Blindly preparing the content with all the above on Page SEO elements to make our webpage more effective without analyzing will not help us. Using all the on Page elements to grab the Google Algorithm may mislead sometimes. Imposing the content based on a keyword may backfire sometimes. In an intention to raise our website and its traffic, people try to prepare the content with all the On Page SEO elements, and they try to grab the attention of Google algorithm but, this kind of blind approach may backfire and high chances of degrading our website and sometimes it may go to spam.

Why Content is King?

Every information a user search for on a search engine is available to them in the form of contents only. Either it is an article, blog or a PDF; you can find anything about any product or any service. Thanks to content you can find every information in detail.

Many marketers believe SEO as well as content marketing to be totally diverse strategies, however contrary to this belief; SEO and content marketing are very much consistent and harmonize each other.

Without high quality SEO content, you can’t comprehend the full advantages of SEO pertinent and valuable content on your website motivates your website visitors to wait for longer, and this can absolutely impact your search engine rankings.

There is no such circumstance where on page SEO can exist without content. You will always need words, articles, substance, keyword, as well as verbiage to market your products.

Major Advantages of Content in on page SEO*

Optimizing content is very simple, without optimizing the content it is not able to rank better in search rankings. While optimizing the content of the website makes sure you have done your content with audience target, not from your point of view.

Think about what the audience search about and optimize it for better results. Now let us know some benefits of optimizing the content, which show some positive impact on SEO.

Quality Content Generates High CTR

Google deems your CTR as a significant factor to rank your website the extra you get customers to click on your links, the superior are your occasions of getting enhanced rankings on search engines.

Quality Content Helps You Make Back links

One of the finest SEO strategies is to gain high quality back links from high authority websites. For Google, high quality back links designate reliability and faith. The more quality back links you have, the superior you are probable to rank on Google.

Content Permits you to integrate Keywords

Excellent content is the single method to ensure that you can deliberately utilize your keywords. This will assist you fight with other brands from your industry.

Quality Content Provides a Great User Experience

SEO includes diverse strategies such as producing back links, writing superior blog posts as well as utilizing good keywords. It also includes creating a website that has a good arrangement that users can steer effortlessly, optimizing your robots.txt files, as well as writing good Meta tags.

Content has the authority to fix the rank of your website on the search engines. However, writing good quality content for Search Engine Optimization is not far diverse from that writing on any other platform. Search engines merely try to provide the finest results for human queries. They want that their consumers are offered with the finest of content they are searching for.

High quality content is vital to sales strategies, but what makes for accomplishment depends on the requirements and needs of users. Understanding user search patterns can aid to inform attractive content right through the purchasing stages, eventually leading to better conversation rates.


I would like to conclude with a single point that is don’t neglect your webpage content and make sure your content is well organized and meaningful because the whole concept of your website will be present in your content and that content is only delivered to the user who visit your website. So your content should be like a place of solutions for a user but not like a page full of new questions. So that the reason why you should prepare the content in the point of a user rather than in our own point of view.