What is word count? How does it effect on SEO?

When you are writing an article for your website or for the blog make sure that the content should be not too less or too large and there should not be repeated words but the keyword can be repeated. Because when word are getting repeated in the article this makes the user to feel uncomfortable and not inserted to read the article and if your article contains more word count then the article will be lengthy.

So in this sort of case the word count play the key role in the SEO and you need to make sure that the word count of your article is limited and to be sufficient. And don’t get confused because in this article we are going to share full details about word count and how to write your article to limited and sufficient according to the word count in SEO standards.



A word count on the website means the number of words in content or document of text. Word count is needed mainly for translators to determine the price of their job is done. This word count is used for calculating the speed of readability,

 typing per minute, for example, if a passage is converting characters to words of phrases, a measure of above 3 characters is countable to one word in English.

These tools help the bloggers to calculate the word count easily; Word count tool helps the user a complete report of how many words in your content, repetition of words, matched words. Most of the tools online are not reliable in their service, might be the spiders do not crawl the complete website can lead to great change in thousand of words.

The genuine tools are check SEO tool, word press and some tools give you reliable content word count of your website.

The number of words in content has no guarantee that the effect of SEO, a small impact on the search rankings. Firstly, Google considered writing content in 250 words next 500, 800, 1000.., now it goes to 2000 words or more is taken as the word count of the content.

In these we can notice each passing year, Google updates its algorithms to write more content to improve rankings to the first page of the Google search engine results page (SERP). The word count isn’t an important factor, but it still plays a vital role. For example, the Meta tags are not important though it helps to improve Pay per clicks for the website.

Generally, the higher the word count of the content, is to better the opportunity to improve search traffic. The long form content can at least 750 words is enough to rank better in SEO because it provides enough information about the content. The majority of information is 1200 to 1300 words of blog articles can rank better in search results.

What is the use of the word count?

Word count is specialized especially for publishing, advertising, academia, and other legal proceedings, by using these tools you can determine how many words in the content. You can check the count of words can extend to limits.

The importance of the word count is for website, a blog, corporate documents, Google ads, and Facebook banner ads. In social media platforms, the text is created for easy reading and less visibility. It is mandatory to know the exact characters limit for social media platforms.

How long should an article be?

All the bloggers and content marketers are always wondering about the idea of word count in text. The length required for a word count is for 10,000-word articles, but the content is quality.

The only thing in Word count is considered when the matter in the content is good, though it is not an important factor in SEO. Here is the ideal length of content for every social platform.

Here we know the different characters word count for popular platforms:

Twitter: Up to 280 characters

Face book: Up to 63,206 characters

Instagram: Up to 2,200 characters

Google plus headlines: Up to 60 characters

Blog: Up to 1,600 words, in terms of the content of the website word count, 7 minutes to read, and around 1,600 words.

E-mail: it takes nearly 39 characters in the subject line.


Still if you get stuck about the word count and want to check the word count of the your articles in your website then try our CheckSEO tool to maintain the word count and content according to the SEO standards.