What are sitemaps and it’s differences in website ?

Whenever you are going to crawling your website in Google search console make sure your website as 2 files that are robots.txt and other is the sitemaps because one file is used to skip the unwanted pages or data in your website and other file is used to include the important Webpage URL’s on which the Google search need to be focus so that the search console can directly go to the page.

And in this article you are going to learn what is the sitemaps and different types of the sitemaps so without any delay lest go into the article.



An XML sitemap works are a navigator to the bots while crawling the website, helps search engines to find important pages easily while crawling. An XML is good for SEO and one of the best things to improve your SEO is to create a sitemap, this is not much a just file with some information about the webpage helps to understand Google while indexing the site. 

Google identifies the content of the webpage and helps to rank better in all search engines, although it is not mandatory to enter all the URL’s in the sitemap an unnecessary URL need not enter for the indexing.
The search engine crawl the website for the relevant content in all webpage’s when Google crawl your website and identifies the content is realistic thus it helps to rank better in all search engines. It acts as a navigator to the crawlers give directions to reach the web URL’s.

A sitemap is considered as the main part of a website, an XML is a set of URL’s informs the Google which page to crawl and index the site, it is an XML file that lists all the URL’s of the website includes additional data on the webpage helps to crawl easily.

It not only helps Google although for the user of the website, for example, if a visitor entered into the website he is unable to direct to the link pages, the XML file will be used. Google can also index all the web pages in one place, which is an XML sitemap file.
XML sitemap navigates the visitor to give him a table of content of your website in a series manner.
XML sitemap communicates with the search engines while crawling to index the content of the website. If your website is not built with sitemap bots cannot understand which page to crawl even though you have a good amount of content it affects on search rankings.

Different kinds of Sitemaps

The sitemap is an XML file contains all linked URLs of the website in one place, which helps the user and search engines to easily explore a website for the required content. On the other side, an XML helps to improve SEO to increase search rankings of the website. The sitemap is the main part of the website for improvement in indexing the site.

XML sitemap

In the XML sitemaps are if two different types they are Index sitemap:
In the index sitemap, there will be a count of URLs of the website which are crawled and indexed by the search engines. These URL’s will be visible for the visitor in search results.

URL sitemap

In the URL sitemap, the complete count of URL’s is taken into consideration. The content which the website needed but no use of search results. These category web paged URL’s are in the URL sitemap.

HTML sitemap

HTML sitemap is a file contains all information about the resources and location of the website. For example, if a website contains several web pages, this sitemap helps the user to find the desire content page easily.

The HTML sitemap helps in the growth of search results by resourcing internal links helps to improve keyword rankings can lead to ranking in all search engines.

Sitemap tools

To view the sitemap for any website write sitemap.xml at the end of the URL of the site, in another way, there are various tools for the sitemap checking. Tools like CheckSEO tool, SEO site checkup, SEO, and other tools help you to improve the sitemap details of your site.


I would like to conclude with a single point that is make a habit of maintain the Sitemap file because the file specifies the important webpage’s of your website so the search console can directly navigate to the specified webpage. By this the search console can easily find out the important webpage’s and skimming can be done soon and easily.