what are broken links and how it will effect on website

The broken link is a dead link in the website that no longer works, improves the negative impact on SEO. As we all know search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo always prefer better content and user experience for the visitor. If a visitor finds 404 pages simply leaves the website this can increase the bounce rate of the website



Have you ever been faced a situation where you have visited a website for relevant content, but end up with a 404 error page? The broken link is a dead link in the website that no longer works and improves the negative impact on not only SEO also search engines hate broken links

 As we all know search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo always prefer better content and user experience for the visitor. If a website is affected with 404 pages it loses search results and page rankings in search engines and when the visitors spend less time in your site, search engines assume your website is not good for users. It results in a low rank in search rankings.

All ways broken links will hurt your visitors this is the perfect time to fix it, all the website owners want to repair their broken links but no one of them wants to waste their time. There are some tools to find and fix the broken links that help to improve your On Page site.

Types of Links

There are two types of broken links on your website:

  1. Internal links
  2. External links

Let us discuss in depth two types of broken links

Internal links

Internal links a type of hyperlink of a web page to another inner page of the site, for example, an image to document or content of the website. So whenever you are updated any content or image on the website makes sure of internals links are working perfectly.

External links

External links a type of hyperlink of a web page link to another website, if your blogger post is externally linked to another blog post for further more content are external links. For example, if you have linked to a particular website, but a few months later if the website owner links off their site. So Google spiders crawl our content later move on to external link found it has a dead link. Google fixes it as a 404 page and these effects search rankings.

The main reason behind the broken links are:

An incorrect URL on the web page can lead to a dead link on the website.
The page exists in the website is permanently moved can lead to dead link in the website.
Web page URL has moved to new URL’s
the web page removed from the website.
Third party websites

Yes, it will be irritating if we found a 404 page while searching content on the website. Nearly half of the above users of the website will lose their interest after a 404 on the website. Simply, they leave and move towards other websites. Here we can lose a potential customer and reduce the traffic of the website.

broken link is bad for the website which creates a bad user experience for the website can lead to a decrease in traffic of the website. You all need to understand and found the broken links on your pages. It can stop the search engine bots from crawling the site for indexing.

Even top websites are affected by broken links, these broken links are very important in website improvement. As we are going to discuss the effects of broken links on the website.

Bounce rate

A 404 page is not just a dead line for the website; it creates a high bounce rate for the site.

High bounce rate is calculated by the number of visitors time spend on your web page, if the user doesn’t pay attention to your page and left within minutes it will be considered as bounce rate. Unhappy visitors mean no relevant content, resulting in a high bounce rate.

User experience

As a user, if you are facing an issue of a 404 web page on the website, you will be get frustrated and close the website without navigating to other pages. This creates a negative on an impression of the website and increase in bounce rate of the site

SEO Efforts

As you are an owner of the website or blog page expect the page should be at the top of the search rankings, not only you everyone will be expecting to get to on the search results. For these you need to do is Search engine optimization (SEO), there will be different techniques for the SEO for the growth of the website. In these broken link is a technique that effect on SEO.

The impact of the broken link makes much deeper like increase in Bounce rate, reduce conversion rates, and reduce in traffic and huge loss of potential customers of the website

How to fix broken links

Firstly, you need to find the broken links on your website; many tools help you to find broken links.
They include the Checkseo tool, Google Analytics, Ahrefs, Dead link checker,

 broken link checker, and many other tools that help you to find broken links on your website.
Once you have identified broken links on your website, this is the exact time to fix them. Here the few keys to reducing broken links in your website:

Use broken link tool

To find broken links in your website regularly check and update your website, use relevant tools like Ahrefs, dead link checker, checkseo tool, and more to find broken links on your website.

301 redirects

 A redirect is a way of sending both the visitor and search engine to the different URL from the original requested URL. In these 301 are a permanent redirect and the best method of implementation redirects on the website.Make sure to set-up 301 redirects if you change URLs for your web pages. It helps to redirect the new URL from the old one.

Simple URL’s

While creating the URL for the website use simple URLs, it helps the user to find and type correctly.

Third-Party page

Delete third-party pages from your website helps to reduce broken links from the website.


Broken links create a poor user experience, that’s why we should make an effort to find and fix them. But it is not one time task, finding the broken URLs and detecting them is an ongoing process and You can’t ignore 404 pages (or) dead link from the website,

it damages the website user experience, increases of bounce rates, reduce the traffic of the website. So make use of the CheckSEO tool so that the tool can help you to find out the broken links easily without an effort and time.  And the tool can also remind you for any broken links found in future.  So try CheckSEO tool to keep your website away from the broken links.