Title Tags, When to Include Title Tags, to your Brand/Business

Title tag and Meta description play an important role in raking your website because both the title/heading and Meta description tells the user actually what he is looking for and the user is at right place to solve his/here query. By maintaining descriptive keyword in title and description at the initial stage itself user will engage with your site which makes you get back links.

So don’t neglect title tag and Meta description and below content will solve the entire question which have been raised in your mind regarding title tag and Meta description.     



The Title tags are HTML code with fifty to sixty characters and it works as the name of the web page. It illustrates the website information in a single line. Myths say that title tags and description of a web page can’t raise the search engine results but these two significant elements can boost click through rates.

Example: HTML code of Title Tag

<title>Title Tags, When to Include Title Tags, to your Brand/Business | Check SEO Blog</title>

Meta Description

The Meta description is present at the below the title/header on the webpage and Meta description describes about the content of the website i.e. actually what the information is going to be present in the website has been said in a few number of lines.


Example: HTML code of Meta Description tag

<meta name=”description” content=”Title tags are HTML code with fifty to sixty characters and it works as the name of the web page. It illustrates the website information in a single line. Myths” />

A web page has two different titles:

Display title

  • This is the title that web page indicate in SERPs to show using the title tag


  • This is the title that web page display at the top of your content’s page most frequently marked with an H1 tag.

In some scenarios, your display title and your headline will be the similar, but often, you will want to offer more detailed information about your article in your headline while keeping your title tag short and simple to read.

When to include title tag?

It’s necessary that a title tag persuades the user to click-through to your post from the SERPs (or wherever they are).

Here is a couple more reasons when to include title tags

  • First impressions count: Your title tag is usually the first thing a prospective visitor will take notice of when performing a search. So this is your opportunity to make a helpful first impression
  • Brand leverage: People belief brands. If you are a domestic name in your industry, ensure you significantly display your brand name in your title tag. Again, this charms the click and leads to more traffic.

And don’t overlook that Google (and other search engines) look at your title tag, amid other things, to help make logic of your page.

That’s probably why there’s a slight connection between the usage of keywords in the title tag as well as rankings.

Tips for writing title tag

Write unique titles for every page

Every page on your website is distinctive as well as your title tags should replicate that. Ensure you customize the title tags on every page of your webpage so that they precisely describe what’s on that precise page. You want your title tag to indication to search engines what the individual page is about.

Pay attention to length

Google as well as other search engines will display fifty to sixty characters of a title tag in the search results prior to cutting it off, so you should usually aim for title tags that are around fifty characters or less.

Use your target keyword (but don’t overdo it).

Each page on your website should answer a question or give important information someone will be searching for. Your website will be more helpful to those people if it shows up in search for the correct term – just when they are searching for the information you offer.

The Role of Keywords in Title Tags

Meta keywords are a type of Meta tags in the HTML code; there are diverse types of keyword research in the SEO. In most of the user doesn’t have an idea of the URL (or) name of the website in such circumstances a relevant keyword of the topic can be searched in the search engines? Every search engines work on keywords with their structures and the keywords play an imperative role in the search results.


In order to have a high CTR (click-through-rate) of your website then your website must be strong at title tag and Meta description so that the user will soon attract to your site and make user to click the link of your website. So try to maintain unique and descript title and description.