Old school SEO Techniques Vs Modern school SEO ?

Optimizing your website according to SEO standards is very important because in order to rank in the search engine result page (SERP) and to do so we need to apply some of techniques for our website and those techniques are getting changing day by day because of the factors/metrics changed by the Google search consol for ranking the websites.

Now days Search engine optimization (SEO) getting more advance and evolving as fast, we are into surprise several techniques have updated a couple of years ago. Let us know the difference between Old school techniques and the latest techniques in SEO.


Old SEO techniques

Meanwhile, you already know what is SEO? It is an important factor to rank the site higher in all search engines. This post will help you the difference of Old SEO and the latest ones which helps to rank better in all search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is getting advance and evolving as fast. We are into a surprise several techniques have updated a couple of years ago that are no use for now. In every update of Google, algorithms make the bots easy to crawl to identify the genuine content for ranking top in search results. We need to keep updating the website as per the strategies of SEO.

We hope you to find the old school techniques of SEO, to find the real problem of the website if you stop using these old techniques then you can lead the site into the top of SERP’s. In this article, we are suggesting you improve some SEO techniques either became irrelevant to the website for better results.

Article Directories

Long before in directory submissions, search engines were served the visitors the content they needed, but nowadays the directories don’t provide real value of content to the visitors. This quickly effects on link buildings of the website.

There was a time submission of short content with a bio for back links, Google has found low quality content is submitted. Google like search engines declare worse of time by submitting poor and irrelevant content improves low quality links, it is advisable not to waste time on them.

Exact-matched domains

Exact matched domains were a hot cake at years ago, it is easily grown up and increase traffic as well the brand of the domain within the span of days or weeks. In those days instead of finding the domain of the website, people used to find the keyword for an exact match of the domain. This performance is used in social media platforms like Facebook. Keyword based blogs and contents also tend poorly because the domains do not appear like a trustworthy

The exact matched domains may increase the rankings but the higher potential rankings can flag the website according to Google algorithms. The higher brand able can leads to lesser trust with effects on the conversion rates and traffic of the website.

Keyword stuffing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is all about the keywordsKeywords stuffing is a technique used in previous times used to rank better in search results. The content writers and bloggers used to stuff the content with keywords for ranking the site.

Now a new technique has updated all the search engines’ latest algorithms to quality content along with targeted keywords, now every content on the website needs quality content need for the visitor.

Too inner pages on the website

In the previous times too many pages on the website can rank the web pages separately can help to increase rankings. But these techniques, the overall content is not good for user experience rather it is built for keyword stuffing.

In those days used to suggest a number of pages in the site can improve search rankings, negatively, its effects on the user experience.


As the Meta data is short and sweet information about the website content, in previous SEO Meta data will crawl at the moment of indexing and rank the web page on this small information. People used to stuff the Meta title and description with keywords, as a result, no content for the user.

Google has declared no search rankings will be improved by the Meta tags; it considers the number of people who click on the site. These Meta tags are indirectly supported to the website in ranking the site

Quality vs Quantity

As per the algorithms of Google, the content of the website should be quality and useful for the visitor, it doesn’t make sense adding lots of content in the pages can increase the rankings. The truth is High quality content is the key to success in ranking the site.

You can rank better if your content has lots of information to say for the user, use a video related to the web content, or else use images or info graphics for the content. The short article also called thin article can affect on the website rankings

Mobile responsiveness

In previous times of SEO, there are no latest updates on mobile phones. But nowadays in the digital world, the latest upgrade mobile phones, tablets, high-speed internet connections and numerous The low rate of page speed has no better user experience can hurt the search rankings, nearly 80% of the user search the content via mobile view. Optimize your website with good mobile responsiveness helps to improve search rankings

No images

For a long period all the people used to neglect the images on the website, as the search engines still top the website, no use of the alt text for the images in previous times.

In the present days, Google crawls the sites while indexing, for the better understanding of the image an alt text is used for the image. Image alt text has become important for SEO. However, search engines cannot read the image the alt tags with the exact file name helps the search engines to understand the image about.

Google’s getting smarter and more powerful all the time, not only to analyze the site is also to understand the web pages talking about. On Page SEO refers to optimizing the pages to improve website search rankings to earn organic traffic, in on page SEO optimization includes your Meta tags, headers, and also images with a high level of trustworthy and easy accessibility.

The On Page is important because it helps the search engines to understand the website content, as well as identify the relevant search query of the visitors. Google algorithms are now much better than the old ones. It understands the query search by the user it understands and delivers the content as per the user intent.

Social stages aids you connect with your consumers, increase brand responsiveness, and amplify your leads as well as sales. More than three million peoples are using social media around the globe, and it’s a no passing trend.

The latest techniques of the SEO drive are

Improve user experience

As per the search engines like Google always try to give a better and relevant search for the user as per there query, if it fails and the visitor will not show any interest to use the search engines. In the same way, if the website is not a user-friendly visitor will leave the page within low time.

If your website looks untrustworthy, outdated, low page speed potential customers will leave the page likely improves bounce rate on the website. Here simple techniques can use for better improvement in user experience, we need to make posts easy to read, the format of the content can increase the organic search results. Make sure your content has built with quality, shorter paragraphs, sub headers, bullet points, images in the middle of the content, and make optimization correctly.

Optimize to voice search

Now everything is becoming digital around the worldsmart technologies have been upgraded a lot. As a website owner you need to update your website as per present technology, over millions of people are using voice search instead of typing. And it is about to say voice search is needed to be a factor of SEO techniques.

The most difference between the voice and type search is if we are typing “On page tool” if you are in voice search you can say “best On-Page tool for SEO”. It seems in the voice note we will pronounce long keys which helps to better results in search engines. Make sure your website is optimized with voice search.

Design for mobile-friendly

We all are using smart phones nowadays, as voice search is important for the site the mobile friendly website is more important for conversions. Nearly half of the above internet users are using smart phones for the search instead of laptops or PCs.

Nearly 79% of mobile phones are purchased throughout the online stores and nearly 80% of shopper’s use mobile phones for their purposes, Google have gone to the mobile first, now it will use mobile phone user agent to crawl the sites. As a result, new websites or an existing website should focus on mobile responsiveness.

Longer content

The minimum length of the content in the blog posts or article should range between 1500 to 1600words, in an average time of reading a blog post, is 3 minutes and up to 6minutes. As a result, said that longer content prefers more back links to translate to better rankings and more traffic.

Writing more than 2000+ words of content is not easy for everyone, it usually time consuming and not necessary. Some of the visitors likely to read a long blog post some wish to be short and sweet and easily understand. If you have decided to write a blog post more than 2000+ words. You can refresh your old content by adding sufficient content into it, if you are struggling for long content; just expand the existing content on the website. Already an existing page has visitors and boosts which helps to increase the rate of traffic into the website. So how would you choose the content for the blog post, here is an example use regularly updated topic as the article. For example, SEO is a regularly updated topic that helps to generate more content.

YouTube SEO

Nowadays videos from YouTube are used for SERPs. Many of them have focused on the organic search for the increase in traffic, but video marketing helps to understand easily about the content of the site. Though it is not used for every industry it helps to gain search rankings for the website.

Make sure the video is SEO friendly while crawl the site for the indexing video has a better title tag, file name, description of the content should not affect the SEO rankings.

Create thumbnails for the video which helps to boost the SERP’s, most people use Click through rates as a ranking factor, if a visitor click on your search result offers them the right value of content, a good the thumbnail should tell the visitor what the video is about. So don’t screenshot do it by own thumbnail which suits your content of the video.

Create video playlists, a series of videos on similar topics are known as playlists. If a user entered into the video he needs to move forward to further videos it helps the user to stay longer in the playlist to interact with more content.

Technical SEO

If your website is performance is low but everything on the website is perfect then look for technical issues on the website. Here are some issues that the site faces in technical SEO.


Make sure your website is with HTTPS, as we all know HTTPS is an important factor. Without HTTPS the site is not secure (i.e.., some website open with HTTP has no secure in connection) an SSL is a certificate for the website, helps to boost the presence of the site, and stays secure.

AMP Mobile

Two different pages of the mobilefriendly and AMP is, the two pages are similar which is served as the different layouts. The mobile pages have their accessed but AMP has different URLs with different pages.

Crawling Software

To know the health of your site the software is used as a Deep crawl, site bulb, and other sites help to know the health of your site, get to know errors of the site, broken links, and duplicate Meta data.

Fix 404 pages on the website

A page that can’t found by the user or dead link which no longer works is called a 404 page in SEO. if a website is with 404 it loses its search rankings. For many of the users, if he found broken links and he is unable to direct the other page, he simply closes the website look for competitor site. This may increase the bounce rate of the website. A broken link is bad for user experience.


I would like to conclude with a real time statement that is each one of us will use a common statement that we need to modify yourself according to the present technology in the world so in the same way we need to follow the new techniques of the for the SEO and modify your site according to the present factors/metrics and make your website to be rank in the SERP.