Multiple H1’s won’t boosts our webpage in SEO

Maintaining of header tags to your content in your WebPages will lead to boost your website for good ranking position in goggle search engine result page (SERP) but maintaining of only multiple h1 tags in your WebPages for your content will not be a good thing for ranking and more over it may leads to the negative ranking factor for your webpage.

So try to maintain multiple heading tags from h1 to h6 but not only a single and multiple h1 tags in your webpage. So here you may get some doubt that is why we should not use? And what are the consequences you are going to face? In this article we are going to explain how goggle is going analyze and how header tag help you to make your website visible.



A header tag has high importance in SEO after the title tag. But it doesn’t mean that imposing multiple H1’s will boost your page. It’s the wrong assumption to have multiple H1’s imposed with keywords to gain search engine’s attention.

It may create confusion while crawling and chances of giving a negative impact while ranking. According to the latest Google algorithm, it uses the semantic way of indexing while crawling through the content.

Each header tags will have its importance in SEO. H1 stands on top among all the header tags. Knowing H1 stands on top and imposing more H1’s on a page to make us stand on top is a wrong assumption. It’s better to avoid multiple H1 tags on a single page. We recommend only one H1 to highlight our headline for the main content on a single page. If required, you can use other header tags with different order to differentiate your content and subheadings.

Google boot analyzes all the On Page elements while crawling. Crawlers will crawl through the webpage based on specific keywords given by the user. If the search keyword is our H1 tag, the webpage has a high priority to rank better in the search engine results page.

Think if a webpage contains multiple H1 tags on a webpage. There could be high chances of ambiguity raised in Google boot while crawling. It’s better to provide more clarity to Google boot by mentioning one H1 tag on a webpage. So that Google boot can understand more clearly about our content while crawling and indexing. Rest other header tags with different orders can be used to differentiate the content and its sub titles.

Keeping on Page Optimization in your mind and trying to bluff search engine algorithms with multiple H1 tags will not help you boosting your website. Over that, it creates ambiguity while crawling and high chances of misleading the crawlers to index for a wrong keyword.

How header tags helps the web design and visibility

Header tags helps to improve the page visibility. Proper usage of header tags helps in indexing the webpage. It is one of the methods in web design to differentiate the content and its sub titles. It attracts the user’s attention and acts as a high conversion factor.

Hence it has been proved that having multiple H1’s won’t help in optimizing our page according to the latest search engine algorithms.


Using of multiple header tags in your webpage is a good idea but using of only one and multiple h1 tag is not a good idea because when you are going to deal with the content the h1 tag indicates the main heading only and if you are going to follow the same h1 tag for sub headings in your webpage then your page looks most awkward in desktop or mobile view. And this is going to give you a negative impact of mobile view, page experience and click through rate.