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In short search engine optimization is known as SEO. With SEO optimization, one can get their page in top results when someone searches the topic pertaining to respective site. In today’s avant-garde era, SEO has become one of the rages in the internet. It is all about improving visibility of website on the net by attaining top rank in major search engines. Also, SEO adds high-traffic to website which makes it one of the best online marketing strategies. Many organizations and firms are turning to internet for marketing campaigns as it offers great support as well as provides an extensive market. There are various SEO tools available in the market that helps in increasing your website rank.

SEO has emerged to be one of the most successful campaigns for advertising product & services and it is used as a marketing tool for encouraging browsers to visit the site.

The following are the few Site Checker Tools to Audit or Checkseo

  1. Check My Links
  2. Google Webmaster Tools
  3. Screaming Frog SEO Spider
  4. SEO Report Card which includes Rank Analysis, Link Building, On-Site Analysis, Website Accessibility, Trust Metrics and Current Indexing
  5. Maintaining Web analytics
  6. Woorank and many more

How on-page SEO affects your Website SERP

SEO is a platform through which one can implement certain techniques to improve the ranks of the webpages on search engine result pages (SERPs). Higher the pages can rank on Google or other search engines results pages, the more traffic the site is likely to get. While optimizing the website or blog posts, there exist two factors that play a vital role. These two factors include Onpage optimization & Off page optimization. The On-Page SEO term refers to the things that an individual can do ON their website for getting higher rank, which includes page titles, Meta tags, internal linking & descriptions, etc. The term Off-Page SEO refers to the things that an individual can do directly OFF their website to get higher rank, like article submission, social networking, blog marketing, & forum, etc.

On page SEO demonstrate elements, such as speed & long-form content, play a vital role in Google rankings. On page SEO boosts in organic rankings in search engine crawlers. On-page SEO must be the foundation to website that helps individuals in boosting the website rank. Check SEO regularly improves the site position in search engines.

Alongside with this website monitoring, free tracker, website analysis, Competitor Analysis, Static Analysis, also helps individuals in improving the website rank.

How content has become major factors for SERP.

Content is a major factors for SERP. Lengthy content with more words covers a wider breadth & are likely favored to shorter superficial articles. SERPIQ found that lengthy content is correlated with SERP position. LSI keywords assist search engines in extracting meaning from words with over one meaning. The presence or absence of LSI perhaps acts as a content quality signal. Identical or unique content is a vital factor for maintaining site quality. On the other hand, plagiarized or copier content shows a negative influence on search engine visibility. Bullets & numbered lists assist in breaking up the content for readers, and making it more user-friendly. Google probable agrees & prefers content with bullets and numbers.

Use SEO tools and maintain key factors such as content to boost your website ranking


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