Why Content is important in On Page SEO?

On-Page SEO plays a prominent role in getting more online traffic to our website. On-page optimization deals with the content of a webpage. Search engine crawlers crawl through the website content and hit the web page for the given search keyword. Content should be prepared to comply with the guidelines provided by Google Algorithms. The backend process runs between the search keyword and picking up the websites by the crawlers depends on the content of a webpage.

Once the search keyword given in the Google search bar, Google crawler starts crawling through all the websites to find the webpage containing that particular keyword. Google crawler crawls through the webpages to find the keywords based on its algorithm and list out in the search engine results page. On-page content should be prepared in such a way so that crawlers should be able to find our webpage best to list it on the results page.

Now On-Page SEO techniques come into the picture, so that how our listed webpage should rank better and move to the top position in the results page. Preparing proper content helps crawlers to pick the webpage, crawlers will not help to list our website on top and make it visible to the user. Crawlers will identify the webpage containing the keyword, its the task of a search engine algorithm’s to list it on top or not. To bring our webpage on top of the search engine results page, various SEO techniques to be followed. An on-page SEO technique is one among them, which helps to list our webpage on top and increase online traffic naturally.

Some of the basic SEO Features to concentrate while preparing the content are as follows, Title Tag, Meta Keywords, Meta Description, Header Tags, Keyword Density, Plagiarism, Images, Alt Tags, Internal Links, etc. Preparing the content of a webpage involving all the above elements and following search engine algorithm guidelines will help our webpage to rank better. Once after achieving our target to get the webpage on top of the search engine results page, we can expect a few hits and leads to more online traffic.

Blindly preparing the content with all the above On-Page SEO elements to make our webpage more effective without analyzing will not help us. Using all the On-Page elements to grab the Google Algorithm may mislead sometimes. Imposing the content based on a keyword may backfire sometimes. In an intention to raise our website and its traffic, people try to prepare the content with all the On-Page SEO elements, and they try to grab the attention of Google algorithm but, this kind of blind approach may backfire and high chances of degrading our website and sometimes it may go to spam.


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