Importance of Internal links and External links

In short term the link can be explained as the road map which helps a user to find out the relevant and relevance content/web site on SERP (Search Engine Result Page). And by this links only our content get rich and have a scope to make the user to interact with article by which your bounce rate will increase because user spends a lot of time with your article. And in this article we are going to explain the overall view of the internal and external links.



The term link can be define as connection that is used to linking pages, content, resources and data. It is all about how you are going to establish the links to get connected

And links are important for user and helps them to go from one page to another page. And it also helps them to go deeper into your site. And it also helps them to find out other relevant pages online.

Links, both internal as well as external, are extremely significant. They not only progress the visibility plus ranking of your website, but they also assist your customers navigate your site. Plus, Google loves them! In order to have a strong SEO(Search Engine Optimization) strategy, you require knowing the difference between an internal link and external link – and how to utilize them.

Internal Link

Internal links  are hyperlinks that direct the reader to a target page on your website, while an external link is a hyperlink that directs the reader to a trustworthy page on a diverse website.

External Link

External links may seem counter perceptive — after all, you don’t want consumers clicking on links that direct them away from your site. However, linking to dependable material (from authority sites, not sites perceived as spam-like) assists you also appear to be an influence and can assist Google figure out what your content is about for SEO purposes.

It’s significant to keep in mind that other sites for diverse companies can offer external links to your website in their own content as well. For example, if you publish a blog post with valuable content, another company may link back to that URL as a source for their own blog. These sorts of links to your site are keys, as they increase your search engine rankings in Google’s search algorithm.


  1. Make sure that your content or the content of the other web site which is linked to your site as a  back-link/external link as to be written by an expert in case of health care problems or products.
  2. And also keep in mind that the external web site as the relevant content which can be match to the content present in the your web page.
  3. And to achieve the internal link follow the “Hub and Spoke” strategy.

Importance of Internal & External links

Importance of Internal Links

Internal links on a web page will assist a viewer stay occupied with your website longer. This may hearten them to become a purchaser or follower. These links are more available to viewers, and they augment the authority of your web pages and generally site. Internal links are frequently utilized as a call-to-action. For example, they might punctual a viewer to read or learn more about a subject by clicking on the internal link, or else ask a spectator to contact you or schedule a visit.

Your website’s visibility and rank on a search engine can be enhanced by adding internal links. The anchor text — the text of the hyperlink — should be a precise as well as descriptive group of keywords that will assist a search engine boot to better crawl, or understand, your web page.

Internal links will assist a boot discover other web pages on your site, too. A web page that is easy to navigate — for users and search engine bots — will appropriately index. This means that the web page will be added to a search engine’s web pages so that your site can be found.

Importance of External Links

The quality as well as quantity of the external links that you utilize matters. Adding reliable and informative website links of high quality to your pages will aid improve the reliability of your website, while adding poor-quality, spam links will harm your website. Linking to outside websites will not harm your page rank as long as the pertinent content you are linking to comes from convincing sites.

An external link is more precious if it links to admired and relevant pages that are extremely ranked and related to the content on your web page. Important external links will also aid to improve the authority of your website, by offering a viewer with references.


Links plays a crucial and major role in the ranking factor because when your article/content is well organized and divided into dedicated section and each section covers the subtopic then it will make the user to engage with your content/article and it also makes the user to stick to your website for a long period of time.

 And the article which is present in your website or external site is written by an expert person and as not been claim as false by any other then the visitors will increase.   And by this there is a major advantage that is there is a chance of increase in your CTR i.e. click-through-rate.