How to know unique content and word count measure?

Are you looking for some tool to check whether your content is unique?  Check SEO content checker has the ability to check whether your content is unique or plagiarized by matching your content against billions of WebPages on the Internet.

Once you upload your content, our SEO Content Tool  will automatically run it against existing content on the web within seconds, making it the most refined yet fastest plagiarism scanner you will ever come across in your existence.


Unique content by Check SEO

  • You can verify your work against a broad range of databases

Check SEO app that peoples use today compare a document against a broad variety of databases. Instead of having to utilize different software for each database that you want to search, one will be sufficient to search all of those accessible.

The mainstream of individuals uses a standard type that anybody has access to; those tools are not reliable so think before you start uploading your documents.

  • You will prevent from plagiarizing yourself

One advantage of using Check SEO  content quality checker is that you will be conscious of how much information is scanned as well as recognized if it is duplicated. Writers sometimes try to get away with replicating just small parts of sentences when they begin writing, but they are then typically discovered and penalized. In order to evade this happening, it is an excellent idea to make use of check SEO tool in your contents to make you see how responsive it is.

  • You can be certain that all of your work is free from copying

The submission of contents is traumatic enough as it is, so why make it worse by worrying that your teacher might discover duplicate content? If you run your assignments through our SEO content checker before handing them in, you can relax knowing that there won’t be any troubles with the information you have incorporated from external sources. You can frequently see how similar certain phrases also sentences are when you use our plagiarism checker, so you will know precisely where you might need to twist the wording a bit.

When you run your work through SEO content checker, it will illustrate you which sources contain similar wording to that which you have integrated. Just make sure you check your work for plagiarism again afterwards, just in case you have unintentionally written something that is too close to the resource text.

Whether you are a reputed writer or just another Internet rambler, we are now all living in the era of word counts.

From social media character limits, to prolonged document requirements in corporate settings, if you have been writing words, then you have been operating with text counts, whether you are aware of it or not. Our word count checker can help you know the exact word count for your required word limit. Using a word count checker does more than helping you count post characters. Use our Check SEO tool know more!


Quality of the Content and words used play the major role in ranking factor and they are key points.  Because when you don’t have a good and descriptive content the user will not engage with your article and user may leave your site within fraction of seconds and this can give a negative impact to your website and none of them provides you back-links and not allow your website to be a back-links for their website.

And words can be keywords also which should be present in your title and the content because user search query can be of wide verity so try to maintain your title not much longer and too short and try to mention the year in your title which gives a clear idea to the user and this factor help you in ranking.