How to do Onpage SEO in 5 minutes

SEO audit is to identify and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses of the website, it also helps to identify the technical issues of the site while crawling and understanding the content for nearly it takes 5 minutes in an on page SEO audit. Let us discuss in the depth of On Page SEO audit within the low time for better results.


What is SEO audit?

An SEO audit is to identify and analyzing the issues of the organic search as possible. We all think SEO audit means rating of a site for appearing on the search engine result pages (SERP’s). On Page audit means completely checking step by step of issues found to improve and repair the website organic search in search engines.

In the simplest form of SEO audit, it is essential for identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the website, it also helps to identify the technical issues of the website while crawling the site and understand the content. The proper audit takes nearly 2 to 6 weeks, each one should analyze such as sitemaps, server errors, metadata. In other words, a site audit covers accessibility, indexing, and optimization of the website.

Issues of the site in SEO audit

  1. Technical issues
  2. Website structure issues
  3. On-Page SEO issues
  4. User experience issues
  5. Content issues
  6. Competitive marketing sites

In this article, we are going to explain how to audit the website which helps in boosting the site for gaining traffic. In simple words, for better results from existing website content. Here are some 5 minutes On Page SEO audits, but in reality, it takes nearly 10 to 15 minutes. Some of the most important levels to follow:

Let us discuss how to do On Page SEO audit with in low time for best results; these are the following steps to audit your site.

Traffic overview

The total number of visitors to the website receives, for every website to be a success is getting traffic from various sources. The visitor who is interested in purchasing the product will be visited the website as per the niche. In previous years traffic is an important point but no longer, as per the conversion is taken place by the traffic of the website.

Though the success does not depend on the traffic it receives, it helps to improve the rankings in search engines, and having good SERP is important for the good rank of visitors to the website. Another most important factor in the website is the bounce rate, the visitor entered into the site and leave within the low time it is counted as the high bounce rate. Traffic overview is taken into consideration with;

  1. How much the search volume
  2. Top organic keyword search
  3. Competing sites keywords and positions
  4. Domain rates

SERP’s Appearance

Page rank works on the counting of quality links to the website to determine a relative score of the page importance and authority. Search Engine Page Rankings (SERP’s) are the pages displayed on the search engines in response to the query of the users. The two types of page rankings (organic search) and (paid search).

List out some points helps in SERP’s appearance

Are the pages in the site are indexed, the count of the total pages indexed and the pages are reasonable.

Titles of the content written are suitable for the website and the relevant keywords to the content

No duplication in the keywords and Meta tags of the site.

The Meta description in the search results looks attractive and meaningful

Any listing may hurt the brand reputation.

Technical Factors

There are several technical SEO elements during the SEO audit. From sitemap to duplicate content, optimization on page SEO, and Off Page SEO. It is important to know the technical issues of the website. Although each website has hundreds of issues that appear on the website.

  1. Identify crawl errors
  2. Check HTTPS test
  3. Check XML sitemap status
  4. Site loading time
  5. Mobile-friendliness
  6. Check robot.txt file
  7. Check duplicate metadata
  8. Meta description length


The link appears in the content with unique keywords

Do you see social media links in the content, a link is worthy?

Design and the user experience

In the site, the inner pages like about us, contact page, privacy policy, and other important pages

If any blog post, the content is updated frequently and any social media links, any comments on the article

Social media

For every website, the social media platform helps for branding, in the on page SEO audit visit the social media accounts check out these points.

You should include

Brand name link with Facebook

Brand name link with twitter

Brand name link with Linked in

Brand name link with Google +


Visit each of the social media accounts and check out


1. The information in the account is completed and accurate

2. The content is updated regularly

3. Do visitors interact with posts regularly with shares and comments?


Even the best on page SEO is unable to stand in high for ranking in search engines, today nearly 200 + factors of Google helps to improve search engine ranking. Even though if you don’t optimize your content in all factors there is an important factor called ‘Authority’. From the point of Google, domain authority is a reputation and brand for the site. The higher domain authority means high quality content about your specific subject matter. Google will boost your search rankings if your site has good domain authority in case of low domain authority you won’t rank.

Importance of audit for your website

It is important to have a regular checkup to ensure everything in order, a website is also living in a digital world, and in every website content is added and removed from the site.

An error may occur which affects the site, auditing should be done regularly at least minimum ones in a year. It helps to fix the critical errors in the site. An SEO audit comprehensive analysis of a site to check the On Page and off page activities, analyzing the issues, social media management, keyword density, and duplicate content issues in the site. In simple words, SEO audit means the strengths and weaknesses of the website for long term success.


Performing audits to your website is an important thing because auditing means optimize your website with some SEO techniques to rank your website in the search engine and in order to do so you need to perform the audits with an automated tool.

 So that you can get more result audit in fraction of section rather than performing the manual verification for your website

So try our CheckSEO tool to perform your website audits in 5 min and make your work quite simple and easy go.