How to check my website is SEO friendly or not by CheckSEO Tool?

Whenever you are going to deal with the website you need to make sure that your website is mobile friendly or not because according to the recent report and survey most of the users are migrated or shifted to mobile view of the website rather than desktops or laptops.

And more over maintaining your website in responsive manner gives you a good ranking position in Google search engine result page (SERP) and website visibility is one of the main ranking factors. This article gives you a view on how to maintain the mobile first view which can get a positive report in website visibility checker and website error checker and how CheckSEO make your work easier in single click.



An SEO responsive website is simple to be crawled by the Google crawler, it means, the search engine will crawl each page of the website efficiently and index them on the search results.

Check SEO tool is one of the best Google SEO checkers that easily verifies if your website is SEO friendly or not. It monitors and boosts your website performance. It instantly verifies your website and find out your SEO problems.

Remove anything that slows down your site

A slow page can irritate the user experience and eventually dishearten individuals from purchasing your product. Page speed is fundamental, both to users and to search engines. Eliminate unnecessary elements that slow down your website. If you are a WordPress user, consider deactivating plugins you may have installed as well as activated but don’t essentially need.

Have web analytics in place at the beginning

After defining your search engine optimization objectives evidently, you require CheckSEO app to track what’s working and what’s not. Google Analytics, Google Search Console, as well as other private web analytics software solutions can assist you tracks your victory.

You should have these web analytics in place, even before you send the primary visitor to your site or else landing page.

Test out for mobile-friendly website

A mobile responsive website straight impacts your website ranking. The Smartphone market surpassed two billion in 2019 and it is expected by 2022, there will be more than five billion Smartphone users all over the globe.

Also, Google in 2005 declared it will lower the ranking of those websites who are not mobile-friendly. Thankfully, WordPress Content Management System (CMS) permits website you to make your site mobile-friendly with a single click.

Testing your site on the Check SEO Tool?

The primary step is to verify whether your website is SEO friendly or not and this is done by testing your site URL on an, website error checker like CheckSEO app. CheckSEO can help you determine this easily.

It helps you determine the appropriate alt text, Meta titles and descriptions on your website. The tool uses an algorithm to discover all that information which is mentioned above.

Check for permalink structure

Permalinks play a significant role to make your website SEO friendly. Permalink or permanent links are URLs for your WordPress website. They assist you share the content of your website on social media utilizing a URL, other bloggers can also share your work. To guide your website, Google also utilizes the permalink.

Regrettably, WordPress permalinks are not optimized beforehand. Those permalinks are not Google crawler responsive. To make the permalinks SEO responsive, you have to modify this default setting by going to your WordPress dashboard and then discovering Permalinks alternative in the Settings menu.

Verify your website’s user experience

Grand user experience can eliminate the bounce rate of your website. By offering a simple to use website configuration along with apparent instructions, you can make a good impact on your website’s visitors. This will certainly conclude in increased traffic on your website which will guide to a good search engine ranking.

What should you consider for a Good UX

  • Build a navigation menu plain and evocative and also offer consumer with a simple method to navigate another webpage of your website
  • Generate an easy design for the background of your website and also abstain from utilizing any background images
  • Make an easy to use sign-up form, and simply focus on asking about the basic information which is necessary.


At the end we would like say you only one thing that is you must and should maintain the mobile first view of your website to rank high in search engine result page (SERP) and if you want to get a star mark report form Google SEO checker, website visibility checker and website error checker and it is one of the important factor but don’t get worried You can easily check whether your website is SEO friendly or not by simply entering your website link in CheckSEO App. Visit official website to know more!