Does your website have bulk pages, are you facing on-page monitoring

Does your website have maximum number of pages? Are you facing on-page monitoring? We have rolled out a bunch of ideas to make it quicker and easier to monitor large numbers of pages or bulky websites. With these tips, you can easily now add, edit, and delete website monitors in bulk.


On Page SEO monitor of bulk pages

There are two ways to monitor website or do On-page SEO in bulk – you can import from a spreadsheet as a CSV file or else add manually as a comma separated list.

  1. Import from a CSV file

You can add hundreds of pages in a second by importing from a CSV file. It’s the best way to add monitors if you have a spreadsheet of your entire websites. Simply save the spreadsheet as a .csv file and upload.

  1. Add manually as a comma separated list

It’s also probable to add several monitors manually. Basically follow each website with a comma in the input from… piece of cake!

Don’t worry about duplicates/Mistakes/Dead Websites

Check SEO App eliminates any duplicate URLs before creating new web bulk pages monitors – therefore you will only ever have one monitor per webpage, making things simpler to keep track.

Check SEO App checks that all URLs are legal. Invalid URLs aren’t added as web pages but are shown as void in the results, so that you can discover and correct them easily.

Plain text (or any text that isn’t a URL) is overlooked too – this means that you can confidently import from a spreadsheet that includes other text as well as website URLs. Only the valid URLs will be imported.

Every URL that you include is visited to verify that the website page  is a real and outfitted. If the page is redirected or there is no response then the monitor won’t be formed – you will be informed in the import outcomes.

Delete web page in bulk

Much the same as bulk web page edit you can now delete all your bulk web pages at once.

Note that when you delete a bulk number of pages there is no going back and all uptime statistics will be deleted along with the monitor. If in doubt, we would suggest keeping the monitors but turning alerts off.

How to set up a change alert in Check SEO app for bulk web pages?

Setting up a change alert helps you to be aware of your website form changing content, and stop increasing your bulk webpages. So monitor to reduce your bulk pages with a single alert.


  • Step 1 – Choose a page to monitor and click GO
  • Step 2 – Select the area to track
  • Step 3 – Choose how much change you want to be alerted for
  • Step 4 – Select the frequency of checks
  • Step 5 – Input the email where receive the alerts

Effects of bulk pages of website

Monitoring of online homepage most significant real-time data for example traffic rankings, on page statistics, number of unique visitors, etc. It will gather data of all kinds from the network, as well as monitors your site, thousands of servers, network devices along with virtual machines in real time, all at once.

. Probable uses for the platform include:

  • Monitoring of data and statistics coming from several users and clients
  • Monitoring of activity, customer response and campaign efficiency on several social networks at once
  • Automated messages, emails, newsletters on incidence of some predefined event
  • Monitoring of online homepage most significant real-time data for example traffic rankings, on page statistics, number of unique visitors, etc.


Having bulk pages to your website may leads to lack in your loading speed i.e. your website will take a long time to get loaded and there will be a chance of hanging or getting struck of your website by which user or visitor get frustrated and makes the visitor to leave your site and makes you to loss the rank and which can also give an negative impact to your website so try to element the bulk pages and monitor them with  CheckSEO to make your work easy.