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Have you obtained one of Google coverage issues notice? Some Search Console users have received these notifications  but what are they and what do they signify? And how to overcome this issue?


What is Robot.txt?

A robot.txt or index coverage issue is a file that tells a search engine which page on your site it should not inch all the square space sites use the same robots.txt file. This helps you follow SEO best practices and keep your site Google friendly.

When you verify your site with goggle search console and if they encounter pressing issue then they will notify you about this via mail. And the mail content as follow.

Google Search Console

New Index Google coverage problem detected for site

To owner of,

Search Console has recognized that your website is affected by one new Index Google Coverage related problems. This means that Index Google Coverage may be harmfully affected in Google Search results. We suggest all website owners you to fix these Google coverage issues with the help of CheckSEO tool.

Receiving this notification highlights problems within your XML sitemaps, probable 404 URLs and other indexation troubles.

Why only you are seeing this notice now?

The novel Index Google Coverage Issue notices are component of Google’s rollout of a new Search Console. The rollout was commenced to offer more precision into Google’s indexing; state full two-way communications between Google as well as website owners to aid solve problems faster, and offer a receptive user-interface.

As component of the upgraded tool, verified users can access an Index Google Coverage report. Similar to the Index Status report, it explains how well a site has been indexed by Google, showing modifications over time. It also gives warnings about error URLs as well as indexing issues.

How to fix it and the 2 major causes?

You can check the Index Google Coverage report with our Check SEO tool, which can help you recognize what is causing the issue. To access this tool, you need to click into the URL of our check SEO app.

Overall, there are two main causes of these issues:

  • Your Robots.txt file is blocking Google from accessing pages on your website
  • Pages are not getting fetch utilizing Google Bots


We hope you have got an idea regarding index Google coverage issue and ways to solve the problems and what causes the Google search console to provide the mail indicating the issue. But still if you face a sort of problems regarding index Google coverage issues just give a click to Check SEO to get solution within frictions of seconds.