A Best, easy, result oriented tool for SEO Freelancers – Check SEO

Are you a freelancer? Are you looking for a best, easy and result oriented tool? Check SEO is the best on-page tool that helps freelancers to effectively execute on-page SEO within minimum time.

And this tool provides a detail report of your website where it is getting lacking or in which section/area your website as to be improve so by which you can rank your website and gain visitor from different web browser. And different advantages of using Check-SEO are explained in this article.



Check SEO tool is an On-Page SEO tool that helps you to augment the score of your website as per SEO standards, The tool will evaluate your web pages data from Title tags,

Meta tags, keywords, offers an absolute report about the On-Page potency and weakness and assists you to perk up search rankings in all search engines.

  • You can check On page score of your client’s website

You can get your On-Page score with CheckSEO tool and enhance your Onsite for ranking in search results, this tool has enhanced with all require SEO standards.

  • You can check Sitemap details

You can also get a quick report of the sitemap URLs of your website at the low time with CheckSEO tool.

  • You can verify Duplicate META

Our tool can improve your Duplicate Meta with CheckSEO for improvement in all search engines for superior rankings.

  • You can perform SEO Monitoring

Our On-Page SEO tool helps to progress your website search results in Google, Bing, as well as other search engines, our device will monitor your website with needed standards for On-Page score.

  • You can fix Broken Links of your client’s website

The page that cannot found by the user is called a broken link; you can get a complete report of 404 pages through our Check SEO tool.

Why should a freelance use CheckSEO tool?

On-page plays a crucial role in boosting the traffic and assists you to develop On-page score of your website.

 CheckSEO tool offers complete report to freelancers with all SEO standards, as well the tool is offering your sitemap records and duplicate meta details of your website that can improve your On-page SEO.

How does CheckSEO tool works?

CheckSEO tool helps you to monitor the problems of the on-page site, this tool works on all the SEO factors as well as helps you to progress the rankings of your website. Fix your On-Page SEO issues with Check SEO and fabricate your website for improved rankings in all search engines.

The three major goals of our on-page SEO tool are to:

  • Focus on the big issues without having to manually verify anything
  • Know ahead of time when a bit is becoming a subject
  • On-page SEO tool track everything that’s happening so you can take action more quickly when issues arise.

Our tool helps you keep on top of when something has changed which has unenthusiastically impacted your website, spot broader trends that you can capitalize on, and put out fires as well as solve issues before they get out of hand.

On-Page SEO audits made easy by checkSEO?

SEO audit is to recognize and analyzing the strengths as well as weaknesses of the website, it also assists to recognize the technical issues of the site while crawling along with understanding the content.

Check-SEO tool takes nearly it takes 5 minutes in an on-page SEO audit. Let us discuss in the depth of On-Page SEO audit within the low time for improved results.


As a common user I would think for a tool which can do me a lot of work with one click and CheckSEO tool makes your wish fulfill by this tool you can monitor your website 24/7 and it provides a detailed report of your website plus and minus by which you can have a good ranking by rectifying your loopholes easily and areas your are lacking, and a lot of work was made easy by this tool you can optimize anything and find the solution without the need of other tools.